Joshua Tree

Last weekend or so ago, Jeff was on a 4 day, and he has been itching to go rock climbing. We have never been to the Joshua Tree National Park, so we decided to rough it for a couple of days and camp in this beautiful rock desert. (Little did we know that it was going to be the hottest weekend ever) See us trying to huddle in the shade:) Travis, Jennie, and Jeremiah joined us. It was so nice to have a playmate for Eli and someone to play Farkle with.
Our campsite was really secluded and had this great little cave area that was shaded for the most part of the day. We sat around in the cave and played games, the boys played with their sand toys and cars, and we also rock climbed on one side of the rock wall and repelled down into the crevice.

Here is Travis repelling down (and Jeff way in the back between the two boulders.)

The rocks were so amazing and easy to climb, even the little boys loved to climb them. Eli went all the way up with me right behind him, and Jeremiah thought he was a big boy doing it too:) THey were sooo cute and dirty.

There was no water or showers at the campsites, so we brought our own portable camp shower, hung it up in the cave, and bathed the kids in a big plastic container that we brought. It was pretty interesting to see how well we could rough it with 2 toddlers. But we did it; it was alot of work, but we had fun doing it.
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